On Sunday August 27th at 2pm, in the Bellingen Memorial Hall, we are inviting audiences to whet their appetites for the festival by stepping into the sumptuous world of “Amadeus,” where passion and envy compose a haunting melody. 

Bellingen Muse aims to rebut the idea that “classical music is boring” and we could think of no movie that challenges this more. 

This cinematic masterpiece weaves the spellbinding tale of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri, two musical titans entwined by fate and artistry.

Patrons will be able to purchase a glass of wine and a mini-indulgence plate to compliment this extravagant movie experience.

Plus 5 lucky audience members will win a free ticket to a Bellingen Muse concert of their choosing. 

Experience the opulence of 18th-century Vienna, where talent and ambition clash in a crescendo of emotions. As Salieri grapples with the brilliance of Mozart’s compositions, his consuming jealousy sets the stage for a symphony of obsession, deceit, and intrigue.

With astonishing performances and a score that sweeps you off your feet, “Amadeus” takes you beyond the concert halls and into the minds of these iconic composers. Feel the thunderous applause, taste the bitter notes of envy, and witness the harmonious chaos of genius. 

The “Director’s Cut” includes 20 minutes of extra scenes not included in the original release. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to revisit or discover for the first time “Amadeus” on the big screen, with high quality sound, at our Bellingen Memorial Hall on Sunday August 27th at 2:00pm.